Superpowers for UX and software professionals

...with a smart interface that captures your ideas on-screen, and builds a fully interactive prototype while you focus on thinking and discovering.

For UX designers

Tximes makes it faster and easier to design from scratch a new customer journey, or reengineer a business process.

For Product Managers

Txime helps you to quickly define a common language between tech and business, and produces visual deliverables to your software team.

For Tech Leads

Txime facilitates the design of event-driven architectures, and leverages Domain-Driven Design and Event Storming to produce ready-to-use schemas and tests.

Work faster and better with visual, executable specs.

Txime offers your a living, interactive documentation of the target workflow or customer experience. The benefits are achieved as soon as you use it:

  • Spend less time writing specifications and organizing meeting notes
  • Reduce misunderstandings and round-trips between tech and business
  • Gain confidence in the behaviour of your microservices deployments

How It Works

Choose the topic for your design or brainstorming workshop

Txime is perfect for workshops dealing with business process engineering or customer journey design. Anything with a temporal or sequence aspect.

Open the Txime browser app
to capture and organize your ideas

No training necessary - anyone can use Txime to be a workshop scribe. It is as simple as dragging and dropping sticky notes.

Review and test your prototype in real time in your browser

You don't have to wait for the end of the workshop or for someone to transcribe blurry pictures into a Word document.

What Our Users Say