Build software that users want,
straight from visual requirements

With Txime, you are in control of how you collect user requirements. Through highly engaging virtual workshops, Txime helps you reach an understanding of what users want - fast.
Using Domain Driven Design and Event Storming , you can break down complex workflows and processes into simple parts, then publish a fully functioning API with the press of a button.

Who can benefit from Txime?

Software professionals, product managers and consultants can now enjoy faster, smoother software dev cycles.
Be on time, on budget while delighting and engaging your customers.

Developers & architects

Never receive poorly written specs, or wait for software requirements again. Iterate quickly on domain models, find and improve grey areas, deploy business-friendly APIs.

Product managers

Stop struggling with the lack of common language between developers and business users. Use visual specifications to align and onboard everyone in the design process.


Create customer value by running ideation and modeling workshops with an innovative tool. Share the workshop output with your dev team for production with super-quick turnaround.

How to go from ideation workshop to production in no time...

1. Invite your users to a virtual brainstorming workshop,

2. Let Txime help you break down your problem domain and UX,

3. Publish your app and share it for immediate client feedback!

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